Take the Long Way Home (Embossed)


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Influenced by expansive mountain views along the Linn Cove Viaduct, this print brings this iconic Blue Ridge Parkway feature to life through seven layers of color and embossing. The sky above features a topographic map that depicts nearby elevation changes, offering a realistic portrayal of the surrounding landscape. A diamond shape within the heart of the composition signifies the location of the exact viewpoint along the Blue Ridge Parkway, drawing attention to this particular focal perspective.


This artwork is a testament to detailed craftsmanship through the reduction printmaking technique. The process involves gradually carving multiple layers of color from a single block, resulting in a rich and detailed composition. The artwork is further enhanced by embossed three-dimensional details, including intricate, raised lines representing the topographic map, the winding parkway road, and the outer framing borders. Each layer is printed using custom-mixed, traditional oil-based inks to achieve nuanced and expressive colors. The deliberate, time-consuming character of this manual process mirrors the unhurried nature of taking the scenic route along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


It’s important to note that the artwork was made with archival materials, warranting both its artistic integrity and long-lasting quality. For a more in-depth exploration of this fascinating technique, you can find further information here.


Size: 20″ x 28″
Paper Type: Stonehenge, cotton, archival, acid-free
Paper Color: Fawn
Limited Edition of 66
Numbered, titled and signed by the artist

All prints are hand-pulled and my vary slightly.

Prints are carefully packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days.

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