Rich Mountain Road


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Inspired by a scene along a historic carriage trail near Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, the main focal point commands attention—a mature oak tree standing tall and proud at the center of the composition. Its branches twist and turn, evoking a sense of its long history and the stories it holds within.


Various techniques were utilized to bring the scene to life. For example, the sky background was crafted using a woodblock, harnessing the natural woodgrain to emulate the soft drift of hazy clouds across the horizon. Fine details are paramount in this piece, with the large tree and distant tree line intricately hand-carved using a linoleum block. Each twisting branch is rendered with precision, contributing to the depth and intricacy of the composition.


Another noteworthy element within the scene is the ground beneath the tree, which was created using a technique called chine collé. Mango leaf paper, embellished with delicate leaves that mimic the foliage naturally falling from the tree, adds an extra layer of texture and depth to the scene. Due to the unique leaf patterns within the paper, each print is all the more unique.


It’s important to note that the artwork was made with archival materials, warranting both its artistic integrity and long-lasting quality. For a more in-depth exploration of this fascinating technique, you can find further information here.


Size: 22″ x 14″
Paper Type: Stonehenge, archival, acid-free, deckled edge
Paper Color: Fawn
Limited Edition of 130
Numbered, titled and signed by the artist

All prints are hand-pulled and my vary slightly.

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